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Never wait for too long

Only a few weeks ago I have received news from a facebook page dedicate to both Red and Blue Heeler breed. The founder of that group has passed away. Her dogs, Bonnie and Clyde

The news came so suddenly that shocked the whole group, Members expressed their loss and grief in the group and talked about how the founder help with their own dog and solved many problems they had.

While I was reading the comments. I had a picture in my mind of a beautiful pet and owner portrait of Bonnie an her owner together In the middle of funeral hall. And I realised this is perhaps the most valuable picture any dog owner wanted to have.

Later I told the group that I have a collection of photos that I have created with Judy and her dog Bonnie, And it is fitting to share all the images with them now. I told them that Judy refused to be part of the shoot. But I have something that is close to a pet and owner portrait.

Of course we takes hundreds and thousands of photos with our phone these days and they are great for sharing snippet of memories on social media. But they do not last long digitally. With the printed art work these memory can be kept for a long time.

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