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Sony A7C - A Camera Every Dog Parents Should Have

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Back in August during the previous lock down in Melbourne. I decided to get a backup camera. Well looking back I feel a little embarrassed that I only have one camera to shoot with since early 2019. But I have to get one because my A7iii has gone a little coocoo during a real estate shoot and don't want to walk away from an appointment again.

Anyways my budget was around $3,000 and to me it was a no-brainer to pick A7C as my backup. I did not get to test this camera to the full extend. So as soon as the lock down was lifted and I am back on shooting again. I took this camera and did several shoot with it.

First thing! this full frame camera is incredibly small! I mean I mounted my 70-200mm f2.8 GM it looked ridiculously small! I feel it is very unsafe to grab this combo by the camera body. Fearing the lens mount ring could fall off.

Now lets see the test images I shot. My subject was a 10 month old border collie Rainbow.

Oh she's gorgeous. At first I have to sit down and do couple of poses. Nothing fancy.

Here I under exposed the subject a bit. And I am amaze how much details I can recover from the shadows.

And I also noticed the color seems to be a bit more vibrant and slightly warmer than the A7iii

We had a few attempts with the action shots because the doggo like to go where she wanted. But we have manage to get several shots in focus. And we finally settle on this shot.

I am quite happy with the rest of result because this small camera can track the subject very well.


If you have been shooting cropped sensor camera and what to upgrade to full frame this is an affordable choice for you. It started out at around $2600 AUD retail price upon release, which is slightly cheaper compare to A7iii back in 2018. But with the release of A1 and A7iv in less than a year. The price will continue to drop.

Who is it for?

This small full frame camera has all the functions from A7iii and updated autofocus and video features. You would not feel you have bought a lesser camera. Although this camera is highly praise in the consumer market. More and more professional content creators treating this as a "mini A7iii". If you are new to photography and wants an entry level camera. You won't be disappointed. And you may even want keep this cameras for years to come.

Oh just a short ad here. If what I shared is helpful and you are interested in getting Sony A7C and help me to grow my online presence. I have an affiliate link below.

If you have any questions about Sony A7C or any Sony mirrorless cameras you can reach me out at my instagram and I am happy to help you out with your Sony camera journey.

Thank you and I will see you at my next entry

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