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Warratina Lavender Farm - best place to visit all year round in Victoria for dog people!

I have came to this farm several times over the years. And I always think their lavender offers a very special backdrop for pet photography.

So I decided to reach out to Annemarie and purposed her a partner marketing event. And just in luck she is planning to market towards dog owners and create some sort of event and inviting more dog owners folks to visit the farm.

After a week of email communication we finally decided to do a promotional shoot at the farm.

Although we are in the middle of winter season and there are no flowers in the field. I was still able to capture some of the magic with the dog models. Who obviously were hype getting their leg stretch, running and jumping freely.

So here is the call to action folks. I am now opening for booking for these exclusive lavender sessions at Warratina Lavender Farm. BOOKING HERE

The sessions will be held during the flowering months this year and it will be the best time of the year to capture the best moments of your beloved pooches.

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