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Session info
Here is how things work here!!!
  • Book a session with me
  • Shoot at the locations you have decided
  • Choose and purchase the photo and art work that you want to keep!

Puppy session - $120

  • 45mins session

  • 1 dog + owners

  • St Kilda Beach

Suitable for those who are on budget. Or anyone who want to update their pet portraits. Or just want to create one piece of wall art for their home

Full session - $250

  • 2 hours session

  • 1 to 4 dogs + owners

  • 1 – 2 locations to choose

This is the session that capture everything about your pets that makes you “awww…” or burst into laughter. More time means less stress for your pets to be themselves to play, to rest, and to sniff around

  • My dog is not well trained!
    Most dogs are and that is totally fine. What I have is patience and I work with all kinds of dogs. If it is the issue of the safety of your dogs. It is okay to put your dog on the leash in the duration fo the shoot. I can remove the leash digitally
  • What if I am not happy with all the photos?
    If you have geeniune dissatisfaction with the photos I am happy to reschedule another session with you free of charge. That way, I can learn what I may have missed and change my approach. And if you still have the final result of the second shoot than I am happy to refund the session fees.
  • What should I wear for the photo shoot?
    Although there is not specific dress codes, but I highly encourage you to prepare yourself as if you are going on a date. Afterall it is a special date for you and your dogs. If your dog is a long hair breed it is recommended to have him/her groomed a day before the shoot.
  • My dog is very hyperactive!
    I would advise you to let your dog run for a bit 2 hours before the shoot. This can help calm him/her down a bit. The goal is to capture the unique personality of your pooch. Directing too much only add more stress onto your dogs. My approach is to let your dog do what he loves and may be modify what he does a bit to get the result we wanted. Your dog's enjoyment and safety is my top priority.
  • What if it's raining?
    One thing I cannot control is the weather. If it is stormy and heavy rain it is recommended to reschedule to another day.
  • What time will our photo session be?
    Most of my photos are ho
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